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The San Ramon Valley, an area in California east of the San Francisco Bay, is actively fighting against the high mortality rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims. Their methods are simple, their education is rampant, and their passion for triumphing against SCA is palpable. Through these pathways they have discovered how simple it can be to greatly enhance the survival rate of someone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.

surviving sudden cardiac arrest san ramon valley

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, your chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital setting are 8.5 percent. In schools, stadiums and locker rooms of professional sports teams, steps are being taken to enhance those chances; mainly by adding an easily accessible automated external defibrillator (AED).  However, if a resident of the San Ramon Valley suffers a SCA, his or her chances of survival double. An even more eye-opening statistic is the 26 percent chance of survival nationwide if an AED is used. In San Ramon, the chances nearly double yet again to 47 percent; almost a 50/50 shot at having another day.

The reason for this is the area’s extraordinary attention to detail. Not only is the community equipped with AEDs, but citizens are equipped with knowledge and training. Their community outreach program teaches hands-only CPR to about 2000 residents every year. In addition to this, they have funded state of the art equipment to be present on every ambulance and fire truck.

We’ve talked extensively about the need for funding, research and training to increase a SCA victim’s chances of survival. Knowing the chain of survival – calling 911, administering CPR, using an AED – and how to properly execute these steps is critical to saving the life of someone who suddenly suffers a SCA. The San Ramon Valley has clearly taken all of those steps to ensure healthier living in their area.

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Surviving a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the San Ramon Valley | Odds Are in Your Favor

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