How the My-HeartCheck comes together to impact the most kid’s lives

My-HeartCheck is supported by non-profit funds that help us offer the highest quality program while keeping the cost of testing to a minimum. One of the requirements to sustain those funds is that we hold events that will ensure the efficient use of those resources. Each event is looked at independently based on the potential number of kids tested, travel cost, and estimated financial obligation required. Because of this, we and our non-profit partners need the commitment to communicate the opportunity to your parents through all means possible.

A couple of things we have learned: We find parents/guardians really appreciate schools and organizations offering these tests and say so when they come to the event. They often hear about kids unexpectedly collapsing and wonder if it could happen to their child.  We try to do everything we can to make sure they all know about the opportunity while requiring as little time as possible from you and your organization.

How we get things started…

Step 1.  Identify a date for the screening that works for both you and My-HeartCheck.

Step 2.  Identify the right location and space to hold the event.  Typically, a gym, commons area or large classroom.   The location should be easily accessible for families and needs to be approx. 30′ x 40′ of open space.

Step 3. Get the provided message to mom and dad through direct email and social media.  Communication to families should typically begin 4-8 weeks prior to the screening date.

How we impact the most lives:

  • Email Blast
    1. We will supply you with a custom text document to copy and paste into your email system and a digital flyer to attach for distribution to parents.  We know there are many ways organizations communicate with their families but the most effective is to copy and paste the text document we provide.  It’s important to get the initial message out a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the screening date for parents to have time to register.
    2. My-HeartCheck is intended for all kids ages 8 to 25.  It’s important the message is sent to all families with kids within that age range.
  • Social Media
    1. Facebook and Twitter have become a great way to supplement the direct email and is an especially important part of getting the message out.  Please follow us at @MyHeartCheck on all social media platforms (links provided below) and be sure to share posts that we tag your organization in.



Email to Parents

Sample Flyer

Sample Event Page


Additional information

HeartCheck Overview


Some of the Organizations we work with

Health & Family History Form

Sample Final Report

Financial Aid Details

Choosing the Right Heart Screening Program





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