June Brings National Safety Month

June brings National Safety Month, a month that the National Safety Council uses to inform and influence people to adopt behaviors that lower the risk of death or injury caused by an accident. The theme for 2016 is Safe For Life and focuses on focuses on reducing cause of injury and death at the workplace, at home, on the road, and in the community as a whole. The NSC teaches people about things such as proper medication safety, prescription drug abuse, motor vehicle safety, first aid, emergency preparedness, and how to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Injuries are currently the leading cause of disability for people of every age and the leading cause of death for people from ages one to forty-four. The most common injuries are falls, poisoning, or motor vehicle accidents but these are all avoidable to an extent The best way to stay safe and prevent these injuries is to inform yourself and practice proper safety measures in order to protect yourself and your family from harm and you should do your best to practice safety every day wherever you are.

Some things you can do to take part in National Safety Month and protect you and your family from harm is to learn about proper safety precautions and encourage others to learn as well. You can make little changes in your home such as fixing broken stairs, moving medication and cleaners out of reach of children, and making sure that there is good lighting and no tripping hazards where you need to walk. You can also encourage people in your home, workplace, and community to report safety hazards. There are also resources on the NSC website that can help you make a difference in your life, your home, and your community. Safety should be your number one concern.

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June Brings National Safety Month

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