My HeartCheck® is part of our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of the children and families across the states in which we operate. To date, over 12,000 children have been impacted as a result of investments from both My HeartCheck® and our partners. We continue to build on our legacy of caring with increased community support we receive from many school districts, youth organizations and non-profit foundations. We are pleased to say our brand is recognized not only for providing high-quality heart screenings but also for offering compassion to those in need.

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Athletic Testing Solutions is JCCC KSBDC's 2016 Emerging Business of the Year

Alarmed by the growing number of kids effected by heart abnormalities, Eric Schroeder and David Kuluva designed a process for identifying at risk youth.  Athletic Testing Solutions (ATS) offers portable clinics to screen for heart abnormalities. A typical screening, called the ATS Heart Check, includes review of the youth’s family history, health questionnaire, blood pressure, EKG and an ultrasound image of the heart. Within 10 days of the screening, a pediatric cardiologist analyzes the tests and reports the findings to ATS, who in turn supply the reports back to the families and the child’s pediatrician. Equipped with these findings, parents and doctors can make informed decisions.

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Athletic Testing Solutions is JCCC KSBDC’s Emerging Business of the Year

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