timeStatusParent FirstParent Lastreferred byemail
09:00 AMApprovedKelli Pratt Taylor Spalding 
09:00 AMApprovedKelli Pratt Taylor Spalding 
09:10 AMApprovedAmy McCann Erin Carlson 
09:10 AMApprovedErin Zadigian Lindsey Zubeck 
09:20 AMApprovedErin Zadigian Lindsey Zubeck 
09:20 AMApprovedAmy McCann Erin Carlson 
09:30 AMApprovedAmy McCann Erin Carlson 
09:30 AMApprovedMolly Lundy Heidi Russell 
09:50 AMApprovedJoseph Bush Audra Elam 
09:50 AMApprovedMeghan Herrera Zubeck & Russell Families 
10:00 AMApprovedJennifer Tipton 
10:00 AMApprovedKathryn Cvancara 
10:10 AMApprovedJennifer Tipton 
10:10 AMApprovedMarie Chatterley Matt Kroeker and Bank of America 
10:20 AMApprovedJoseph Bush Audra Elam 
10:20 AMApprovedAmy Davis 
10:40 AMApprovedAmy Davis 
10:40 AMApprovedMelissa  Kelly Sarah Kroeker 
10:50 AMApprovedMelissa  Kelly Sarah Kroeker 
11:00 AMApprovedEllen Kisner Audra Elam 
11:00 AMApprovedAngela Nelson 
11:10 AMApprovedAngela Nelson 
11:10 AMApprovedEllen Kisner Audra Elam 
11:30 AMApprovedMarley Wheeler Lindsey Zubek 
11:40 AMApprovedHeidi Lyster Lindsay Zubeck 
11:40 AMApprovedMarley Wheeler Lindsey Zubek 
11:50 AMApprovedWayne Dragon Cherokee Trail High School 
12:00 PMApprovedWayne Dragon Cherokee Trail High School 
1:00 PMApprovedCristin Skinner Nicole Higgins 
1:00 PMApprovedElizabeth Wittneben 
1:10 PMApprovedCristin Skinner Nicole Higgins 
2:00 PMApprovedStephanie Ramirez Meghan Herrera 
2:10 PMApprovedStephanie Ramirez Meghan Herrera 
2:50 PMApprovedJordan Janz Matt Kroeker 

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Cancellation policy: A full refund for cancellations will be honored if written notice is received at least 5 days prior to your scheduled event. Requests must be sent to A full refund, minus a $25.00 processing fee, will be honored for any cancellation requests received less than 5 days prior to your scheduled event. Within 48 hours of your appointment date, we are unable to honor appointment changes or cancellations. No refunds will be provided for missed appointments. ATS reserves the right to cancel a screening event in the unlikely event of insufficient enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances. If an event is canceled or postponed, ATS will provide full refunds for registration fees but cannot be held responsible for other costs or expenses.

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