We have all heard stories about kids that are seemingly in excellent health, collapsing suddenly, only to later learn it was caused by an unknown heart condition. What many don’t know is that most heart defects can be identified before something happens and most are treatable…..IF they get the proper tests.

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Thursday, Aug. 30

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What tests are included? The ATS HeartCheck includes an electrocardiogram (EKG) and echocardiogram (heart ultrasound).
  • Can health insurance be used to pay for this? Health insurance will not cover voluntary testing like these, whether done in a hospital or by ATS. These are the same tests you would get at the hospital or cardiologist’s office without the hassles or excessive costs, often exceeding $1500. 
  • How often should my child get their heart tested? New research out of the University of London indicates youth should have regular heart screenings. After their initial screening, they should receive a follow-up screening at age 16, 18, 20, and 25.

“It is extremely hard to put into words what ATS has done for us. We had what we thought to be our completely healthy kids tested a few years ago. Much to our surprise and shock, they found a large hole in Riley’s heart that required surgery to repair. The surgeon told us it was good that the hole was detected because Riley was a walking stroke waiting to happen. We are forever grateful we took advantage of the opportunity and think everyone should do the same because you may never know what is going on inside your child until it’s too late.” -Amy Ebert

Need Another Reason?

  • According to the American Heart Association, at least one-half million youth in the U.S. have some form of cardiac problem. That’s 1 in 100!
  • These problems range from minor performance issues to sudden cardiac arrest.
  • For many kids, it’s a non-issue but identifying a heart condition now can save them from finding out the hard way as they get older.
  • If you have an athlete, it’s important to be aware they will likely be exposed to some form of heart screening at the D-1, D-2, NAIA, or Junior College level. It’s better to find out now so you can take any corrective actions

Additional discounts are available for families that qualify.  CLICK HERE to access the financial aid request form.


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