AED Management

Your emergency response is only as reliable as your equipment!

Purchasing an AED is the first step in saving a life.

My HeartCheck’s AED Tracking system helps ensure your AED is ready when you need it. Whether you have 1 or 100, you can relax, knowing they are all up to code and ready to go!

Below is a demo of how the system works, showing you what data is stored and how the monthly inspections work!

Give it a try for yourself!

AED Emergency

DEMO AED Tracking System

Locations are the physical building address the AED is located in.

Sites are the specific location inside the building where the AED is located.


Personnel that are people responsible for completing the montly AED checks
Specifics about each AED
The monthly AED check is to be completed by personnel, on-site, that can physically check the AEDs condition.
  1. Select Personnel
  2. Select the Site being inspected
  3. Complete the inspection. Each answer will tell you if the inspection is passing or failing.

Detailed reporting is available for all data sources, included details of each monthly AED inspection.


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